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Commissioning and Startup

Z&F Consulting offers professional commissioning services, with the basic purpose of providing a systematic, quality-based process with documented confirmation that building systems are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained in compliance with the Owner’s Project Requirements.

Reasons for Commissioning:

  • Verification of Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Ensure that Health, Safety, and Indoor Air Quality are maintained
  • Required by International Energy Code
  • Confirmation that the system will function, as it was designed, on day 1
  • Energy Efficient Performance of the system
  • System complexity of installed systems continues to increase
  • Ensure comfort control for increased productivity
  • Training of facilities staff
  • Requirement for LEED Certification

General Process:

  • Review Design
  • Develop Commissioning Plan
  • Commissioning Incorporation meeting with design team
  • Develop Commissioning Protocols
  • Develop Commissioning Schedule
  • Commissioning Meetings
  • Execute Commissioning Protocols
  • Issue Commissioning Report
  • Review of shop drawings
  • Assembly and Issue System Manuals (OEM, As-Builts, Single Line)
  • Oversee Training
  • Post 10 Month review – Interview and Report


Z&F Consulting has the experience, knowledge, and capacity to successfully complete an assignment in a professional, cost-effective, and timely manner.