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Energy Audits

Z&F Consulting provides comprehensive energy surveys and evaluations of individual buildings or entire campuses, and analyzes the results as a fully-functioning integrated facility, rather than focusing on individual elements as a discrete entity.

Our energy audit projects have often produced a ripple effect, triggering additional cost saving opportunities.

  • A very simplistic example is how a lighting fixture efficiency upgrade can affect the HVAC savings in the facility as the new fixture might produce less heat.
  • A more complex example is when the installation of a cogeneration facility or peak shaving operation may actually affect your overall utility rates, so that the cost effectiveness of other cost/energy saving measures will be impacted as well.
  • These interrelationships of the facility systems drive the need for creating entire building models so that all the cascading effects of the various proposed measures are captured and evaluated to maximize the cost savings!
Energy Audits


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