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Project Description

Bryn Mawr Hospital – Bryn Mawr, PA

Z&F Consulting is currently providing LEED commissioning services for the development of a new patient pavilion, as well as ongoing renovations to the existing CUP and various projects to enable the new patient pavilion.  A selection of the systems included in the commissioning scope are 1350 ton centrifugal chillers, induced draft counter flow cooling towers, 350 hp chilled water pumps, 200 hp condenser water pumps, 200 ton custom air handling units, dedicated outside air systems serving individual operating room air handlers, fans, humidifiers, plate and frame water side economizer heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchangers, over 600 terminal boxes, BAS, fuel oil system, fire pump, two 2.5 MW and one 3 MW emergency generators, and double ended substations.  Z&F is managing a sub consultant to complete the Building Envelope Commissioning for this project.  The project is expected to achieve LEED for Healthcare 2009 Silver level certification.


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