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Project Description

Continental Carbon Company

Continental Carbon Company – Ponca City, Oklahoma

Key Project Statistics:

  • Engineering, Construction Management
  • 29MW Siemens Turbines
  • High Pressure Superheated Steam
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • RO/DI Chemical Feed System
  • 69/12.47kV Substation
  • New Building to House Turbines
  • $60 Million Construction Cost with equipment
  • Schedule: 8 months Engineering, 18 months Construction
  • SCADA System and Interface into Existing Emerson/Delta V DCS
  • ISO Interconnection and Load Shedding

Relevant Experience:

  • Engineering and Construction of Combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Black Start Capabilities
  • Strict Sound Requirement, Neighboring Residential Community

Continental Carbon Company (CCC) pursued a cogeneration project in order to reduce emissions and meet EPA regulations.  This project was a unique cogeneration application.  CCC had high-temperature waste gas with excess emissions from their carbon-producing process.  These emissions were required to be scrubbed to meet EPA regulations.  The process to do this was to put the waste gas through a boiler.  The boiler produced steam while allowing the emissions to be scrubbed.  The boiler produced 150,000 lbs/hour of 800 lb steam.  The steam fed two steam turbines.  The turbines produced 29MW of power which was all consumed on site.

This was a design-build project, with Z&F Construction as the prime contractor and Z&F Consulting as the lead design firm.  Z&F Consulting advanced a design development package from CCC to provide final construction documents.


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