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Project Description

Guthrie Hospital – Sayre, Pennsylvania
Cogeneration Plant – 2 MW

Key Project Statistics:

  • Turnkey: Engineering & Construction
  • 2 MW Gas Engine, Cummins
  • 400 HP Dual Chamber Waste Heat Boiler
  • 3,000 ft of Hot Water Infrastructure for Campus Heating Loop
  • Modification to: Steam Plant, Gas Infrastructure, Electrical Sub-Station
  • $6.3 Million Construction Cost
  • PA Act 129 Funds
  • Schedule: 8 months Engineering, 14 months Construction
  • Facility designed for 65 dba at 100 feet, required sound attenuation of building and exhaust silencers
  • Reference: Joe Zernell, Project Manager, Construction Department, The Guthrie Clinic 607-765-0422

Relevant Experience:

  • Engineering and Construction of Combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Hospital Microgrid
  • Island Mode with Manual Load Shedding Requirements
  • Black Start Capabilities
  • Strict Sound Requirement, Neighboring Residential Community

Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital selected Z&F Construction in a competitive bid to provide a new cogen plant at their hospital. The project was completed as a design-build project. Z&F Construction was the prime contractor and Z&F Consulting was the lead design firm. The plant consisted of a 2WM gas engine and a 10,000 lb/hr dual chamber waste heat/gas boiler. Z&F Consulting also modified existing electrical switchgear to allow for connection to the generator.


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