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Project Description

HP Hood – Winchester, VA
Cogeneration Plant – 15 MW

Key Project Statistics:

  • First campus project to become PEER (Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal) Certified under the PEER v2 rating system.
  • Turnkey: Engineering, Construction Management, Commissioning, 5 yr Contract for Operations and Energy Procurement
  • 15 MW Gas Combustion Turbine, Solar Titan 130
  • Dual 1,000 HP Waste Heat Recovery Boiler with Burner Gas
  • 500 HP Natural Gas Compressor, JJ Crewe
  • Modification to: Steam Plant, Gas Infrastructure, 13.2v Electrical Sub-Station, Boiler Ancillaries, Cooling Towers
  • Allen Bradley, ZFED Automated ReD™ Microgrid Controller
  • Ammonia Chilled Water Combustion Cooling
  • Dual Stage Economizer for Process Hot Water Heating
  • 600 Ton Hot Water Driven Absorption Chiller
  • $24 Million Construction Cost
  • Schedule: 14 months Engineering, 18 months Construction
  • Cost Savings after 1 year were within 5% of forecast, verified by Owner
  • Energy Engineer
  • Reference: Dennis McNutt, Utility  Manager, HP Hood, 540-735-7827

Relevant Experience:

  • Engineering and Construction of Combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Solar Combustion Turbine
  • Thermal Driven Chiller
  • Resilience Microgrid Controls for Islanding
  • 24/7 Monitoring for Service Weather Alerts and Proactive Island Mode
  • Operation and Maintenance Contract
  • Energy Procurement Contract

HP Hood is a major dairy manufacturing company. Hood pursued a cogeneration plant to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, increase energy savings, and provide electrical resiliency for their facility. Z&F Construction provided design-build services as the prime contractor. The plant incorporated a 14.5MW combustion turbine, two 30,000 lb heat recovery steam generators, and a 600 hp natural gas compressor. The project also included a new 13kV substation. This gave the facility the ability to operate in island mode.

Z&F Construction utilized Z&F Consulting as the lead design firm. Z&F Consulting completed the mechanical and electrical design from conception to completion. This project was able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 42%. The project is currently pursuing PEER Certification through the GBCI.

Part of this project was creating the interconnection to allow Hood to sell excess power back to the grid through PJM. Z&F is a PJM member, and has fully automated the process for when to operate the plant so that excess power can be sold at a profit. This also allowed Hood to operate the plant such that their capacity and transmission charges from the utility are almost zero. This resulted in significant cost savings for Hood.


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