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Project Description

HP Hood – Winchester, VA

Cogeneration Plant – 15 MW

Key Project Statistics:

  • Turnkey: Engineering, Construction Management, Commissioning, 5 yr Contract for Operations and Energy Procurement
  • 15 MW Gas Combustion Turbine, Solar Titan 130
  • Dual 1,000 HP Waste Heat Recovery Boiler with Burner Gas
  • 500 HP Natural Gas Compressor, JJ Crewe
  • Modification to: Steam Plant, Gas Infrastructure, 13.2v Electrical Sub-Station, Boiler Ancillaries, Cooling Towers
  • Allen Bradley, ZFED Automated ReD™ Microgrid Controller
  • Ammonia Chilled Water Combustion Cooling
  • Dual Stage Economizer for Process Hot Water Heating
  • 600 Ton Hot Water Driven Absorption Chiller
  • $24 Million Construction Cost
  • Schedule: 14 months Engineering, 18 months Construction
  • Cost Savings after 1 year were within 5% of forecast, verified by Owner
  • Energy Engineer
  • Reference: Dennis McNutt, Utility  Manager, HP Hood, 540-735-7827

Relevant Experience:

  • Engineering and Construction of Combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Solar Combustion Turbine
  • Thermal Driven Chiller
  • Resilience Microgrid Controls for Islanding
  • 24/7 Monitoring for Service Weather Alerts and Proactive Island Mode
  • Operation and Maintenance Contract
  • Energy Procurement Contract


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