Reading Hospital and Medical Center – West Reading, Pennsylvania2019-07-12T10:57:21-04:00

Project Description

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center – West Reading, Pennsylvania
Cogeneration Plant – 10 MW

Key Project Statistics:

  • Engineering, Construction Admin, Commissioning
  • Dual 5 MW Gas Combustion Turbine, Solar Centaur 50
  • Dual 800 HP Waste Heat Recovery Boiler, Superior
  • Dual 1000 Ton Steam Turbine Chiller located in Remote Chiller Building
  • 700 HP Natural Gas Compressor, JJ Crewe
  • Modification to: Steam Plant, Gas Infrastructure, Electrical Sub-Station, Substantial Site Work and Coordination with Adjacent Emergency Operations
  • $12.5 Million Construction Cost
  • Schedule: 10 months Engineering, 17 months Construction
  • Concrete  Building and Mechanical System Designed for 55 dba
  • Reference: David Major, Direct Facilities Operations, Reading Hospital, 610-988-4351

Relevant Experience:

  • Engineering and Commissioning of Combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Solar Combustion Turbine
  • JCI Steam Driven Chiller
  • Resilience Microgrid Controls for Islanding
  • Resilience Microgrid Controls for Tier 1 Emergency Power
  • Black Start Capable
  • Strict Sound Requirement, Neighboring Residential Community

Z&F Consulting began with a feasibility study for a cogeneration project for The Reading Hospital. The project evolved into engineering and commissioning a new cogen plant. The plant consists of (2) 5MW gas fired Solar turbines, (2) 1200 HP waste heat boilers, and waste heat economizers for Domestic water and feed water preheat. Project also allowed for direct access to the PJM RTO to allow for wholesale power exporting.


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