The Geisinger Health Systems – Danville, Pennsylvania2019-03-19T22:02:50-04:00

Project Description

The Geisinger Health Systems – Danville, Pennsylvania

Cogeneration Plant – 5 MW

Key Project Statistics:

  • Engineering, Construction Admin, Commissioning
  • 5 MW Gas Combustion Turbine, Solar Centaur 50
  • 800 HP Waste Heat Recovery Boiler, Cleaver Brooks
  • 500 HP Natural Gas Compressor, JJ Crewe
  • Modification to: Steam Plant, Gas Infrastructure, Electrical Sub-Station
  • $5.8 Million Construction Cost
  • PA Act 129 and PA Clean Energy Fund
  • Schedule: 8 months Engineering, 14 months Construction
  • Cost Savings after 1 year were within 5% of forecast, verified by 3rd party
  • Reference: Al Neuner, Vice President Facilities Operations, Geisinger Health System, 570-284-4525

Relevant Experience:

  • Engineering and Commissioning of Combined Heat & Power Plant
  • Hospital Microgrid
  • Solar Combustion Turbine
  • Natural Gas Compressor
  • Compact Design for Small Footprint
  • Adjacent Existing Steam Plant
  • Strict Sound Requirements, Adjacent Hospital Buildings


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